Bowen Exhibit and Immersive Theater Expo 2014

Detailed Description of Workshops

W-1 • "Digital Video Systems from Source to Viewer"Part 1Part 2
W-2 • "Digital Audio Systems from Source to Listener"Part 1Part 2
W-3 • "New Projector Technologies"Part 1Part 2
W-4 • "How to Select Touchscreens and Flat Panel Displays"Part 1Part 2
W-5 • "Inserting Live Video and Distance Learning into Exhibits and Immersive Theaters"
W-6 • "Saving Your Equipment: Power Protection and Conditioning"
W-7 • "How to Design a Modern Immersive Theater or Exhibit"Part 1Part 2
W-8 • "Wireless Mic Selection"
W-9 • "Assistive Listening, Alternate Languages and Audio Tours"
W-10 • "ATMOS Immersive Audio Workshop"Part 1Part 2

T-1 • "New 2010 ADA Regs for Theaters and Exhibits"Part 1Part 2
T-2 • "Modern Lighting Control for Exhibits and Immersive Theaters, Artnet and DMX"Part 1Part 2
T-3 • "How to Design a Modern Immersive Theater or Exhibit"
T-4 • "Architectural Aspects and Requirements for Exhibits"
T-6 • "New Projection Screen Technologies"Part 1Part 2
T-7 • "How to Select Flat Panel Displays"
T-8 • "Exhibit Control Systems"

On October 29 & 30, 2014, Bowen Technovation hosted a very unique exhibit and immersive theater design conference. We invited museums, science centers, architects, exhibit design firms, cultural/nature center/state park staff, planetarium managers/technicians, etc.

The most important part of Expo was the two days of detailed workshop sessions by BT staff and personnel from major manufacturers. Attendees received an unsurpassed level of useful information. The nation's major audio-video-lighting-control equipment/software companies had representatives and product at the event.

The Workshop Classroom

A classroom setting (separate from the Expo Hall) allowed manufacturers and BT staff to conduct classes focusing on new technologies as they relate to exhibit and presentation systems. These were intended as professional development workshops, not sales pitches.

The Product Expo

This is where audio-video-lighting-control product exhibitors met with our guests, and demo exhibit-oriented equipment and software.

Details about the Booths & Exhibitors

Exhibit Fabricators Showcase

This area featured materials and samples from some of the most respected exhibit fabrication firms in the country.

Immersive Theaters Showcase

There was a general planetarium/immersive theater display area with information from planetarium manufacturers and show producers. This area was in place to learn how to add domed theaters and exhibits featuring astronomy, art history, native nation culture, chemistry, and more.