BT Exhibit & Immersive Theater Design Seminar 2018 Video

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Workshop 1 ● "New LED and Flat Panel Video Wall Displays"
Panelists: Steve Manalatos (Panasonic), Tim Michaels (Panasonic), Tom Wilmers (Digital Projection)

Workshop 2 ● "Design...Great Exhibit Idea!...Now What?"
Panelists: Jeff Bowen, Penny Sander (Cambridge 7 Associates, Boston)

Workshop 3 ● "Digital Video and Audio Ideas for Exhibits"
Panelists: Mark Trotter (Bowen), Shaun Burnette (Atlona), Cy Furst (Visitec)

Workshop 4 ● "RIP Lamps…New Projector Technologies"
Panelists: Mark Trotter (Bowen), Brian Norris (Bowen), Tom Wilmers (Digital Projection)

Workshop 5 ● "Interactives… New Visitor Input Methods…Real Time? Really?"
Panelists: Brien Barr (Bowen), Steve Manolatos (Panasonic), Dave Durlach (TechnoFrolics), Neil Silber (Planar)

Workshop 6 ● "How to Design a Modern Immersive Theater or Immersive Exhibit"
Panelists: Mark Trotter (Bowen), Phil Groce (HPS,Helping Planetariums Succeed), Josh Vacca (Smith Group Architects), Diane Schildnecht (Irwin Seatin)

Workshop 7 ● "Can You Repeat the Question"
Panelist: Kasey Kaumens (Listen Technologies)

Workshop 8 ● "Master Control Systems for Multiple Exhibits"
Panelists: Brien Barr (Bowen), Eric Cantrell (Medialon)

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