BT Exhibit & Immersive Theater Design Seminar 2020 Exhibitors

The Exhibit Areas

This is the exhibit area where you can see, hear and handle what is discussed in the workshops. Manufacturer engineers, sales managers, and regional rep firms will provide literature and/or samples for you to take with you. Note there are extensive "unopposed" times dedicated to this exhibit area... so workshops and the product expo do not compete for your attention!

BT Exhibit & Immersive Theater Design Seminar 2020 Sponsor Locations

BT Seminar 2020 Booth Layout

Booth 01
Bowen Technovation/Bowen Productions
The event host and presenting sponsor. Based in Indianapolis, since 1985 Bowen Technovation and Bowen Productions have specialized in developing exhibit and planetarium/immersive theater technologies for museum, science center, corporate, sports, and giant screen projects. Examples of BT's internationally regarded projects will line the booth.
Representatives: Phil Groce, Mark Trotter, Brian Norris, Brien Barr, Matt Rosenfeld

Booth 02
Evans and Sutherland Digital Theaters
A world leader in turnkey specialty and domed projection system packages with over 400 systems installed worldwide. Their 3-D stereoscopic and interactive systems are the standard of the dome theater industry and they are now promoting their new direct-view LED domes. David will participate in workshop T-3.
Representative: David Sasich

Booth 03
Williams A/V
Williams A/V provides world class assistive listening, tour and WiFi audio distribution systems. Digi-Wave™ digital communication, Personal PA® FM Listening, SoundPlus® infrared, Digi-Loop® induction loop, Pointmaker annotation and Williams AV presentation and distance learning/conferencing systems will be present in their booth.
Representatives: Tim Henry, Jay Dill

Booth 04
Digitalis Education Solutions
Full featured, high quality affordable Digitarium projection systems for planetariums and immersive theaters. Digitalis innovations are grounded upon a unique blend of technical expertise and real-world astronomy education experience. Those attending the reception at Butler will see one of their systems in action. Digitalis will serve on the panel discussion in workshop T-3.
Representative: Karrie Berglund

Booth 05
Digital Projection
Innovative projection and LED direct view video wall solutions. Digital Projection is the first call on most Bowen projection projects. The new split-head, space-saving Satellite MLS system will be on display. Tom will be featured in workshop T-7.
Representative: Tom Wilmers

Booth 06
Klipsch Cinema/Pro Audio
Klipsch Cinema products are installed in more cinemas worldwide than any other audio product. Bowen and Klipsch have worked together to certify and co-develop a line of specialty speaker products for domed theaters. Some of these will be shown in this booth.
Representatives: Trevor Gibson, Roy Delgado

Booth 07
For our event this year, Planar is focusing on their new transparent see-thru video display technologies. This allows the visitor to see video overlaid and synchronised for 3D tactile artifacts and mural background. Neal will dig deeply into this topic in workshop T-5.
Representative: Neil Silber

Booth 08
Atlona manufactures a very large and diverse product line of extenders, switchers, video processors and their new AV over IP solution, Omnistream. The OmniStream AV over IP platform is an intuitive, powerful network resource with a web-based GUI, which lets you configure virtual AV routing over the network – just as easily as setting up a traditional AV matrix switcher. Post-integration, managing your OmniStream systems is a breeze with automated monitoring, centralized firmware updating, and much more.
Representative: Amy Hacker

Booth 09
Tanvas haptic technology was a big hit in our booth at ASTC and the Association of Midwest Museum conferences. See how to add feel to touchscreen objects, especially useful for visually impaired applications. The software runs on Mimo touchscreens. Mimo specializes in very small touchscreens, which Bowen utilizes in unique exhibits.
Representatives: Greg Topel, Bob Williams, Darrin Kimsey

Booth 10
Boston Productions
Bowen and Boston Productions have worked on many world-class projects over the past 15 years. Several of the graphics panels in the Bowen booth show their work. They will be happy to answer questions and to meet with you.
Representatives: Mark Dorgan, Bob Noll, Candy Moulton

Booth 11
MultiTaction Touch Tables
Truly the standard of the industry, we have installed numerous MultiTaction tables in demanding applications featuring work by well-known content producers. Touch tables will be discussed in detail in workshop T-9.
Representative: Robert Christopher

Booth 12
Nearly every system Bowen designs includes some solution from Medialon. This will be a good opportunity to talk with their control guru Eric. He will also answer questions in Workshop T-6.
Representative: Eric Cantrell

Booth 13
Astro-tec Manufacturing
Astro-tec is a designer/provider of unique shaped perforated aluminum and fiberglass curved and dome screens. Most BT planetarium projects include Astro-tec domes. Of course Astro-tec will share ideas in Workshop T-3.
Representative: Brian Glass

Other Sponsors:
Due to the limited number of booths available, some sponsors elected to pick up the costs on other important parts of the event.

AM Break Sponsors:
Irwin Seating and Astro-tec Manufacturing
Irwin is the Bowen go-to for seating solutions. Diane Schildnecht will be wandering around to answer your questions. Astro-tec is also in Booth 13 and is represented by Brian Glass.

Lunch Sponsors:
Harman Pro, Tascam, and Newline Interactive
The Harman Pro family of products includes some of the best known names in the A/V industry. Some regularly used by BT are Soundcraft, BSS, AKG, Crown, JBL and others. Tascam has long pioneered affordable digital recording devices such as used in Workshop 2.
Representatives: Gerry Schrader, Rob Russell
Newline Interactive is not just another white board. BT includes these touch/annotation products in projects that require the ultimate in high-powered, flexible features for live educator presentations in exhibit galleries and planetariums. These 65" thru 94" 4K all-in one roll-in units have very narrow bezels and shallow depths and also allow simultaneous connection to our large scale projection screens for image magnification (IMAG).
Representatives: Patrick Mancenido, Cy Furst

PM Break Sponsor:
Cortina Productions
Cortina Production and Bowen first worked together years ago on 35,000 square feet of high technology exhibits for the Indiana State Museum. Cortina is a full-service creative media design and production company specializing in the museum field. Their work can be found in museums, cultural institutions, visitor centers, and aquariums across the world.
Representatives: John McCarthy, Bryan Heisey

Our Sponsors

Astro-Tec Atlona BPI BT Cortina Digitalis Digital Projection E&S Harman Irwin Seating Klipsch Leyard Medialon Multitaction Mimo Newline Planar Tanvas Tascam WilliamsAV