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Bowen Technovation provides, installs and supports complete exhibit packages that can be as simple as one small kiosk or as vast as one of our 35,000 square-foot large scale museum projects. Working in North America or in other nations is just fine with us and we have completed dozens of installations outside the USA.

Our control systems are graphic user interface (GUI) based with drag and drop windows and timelines and can control doors, lights, audio levels, robotics, video players and projectors, motors and anything else you can think of. Input devices can be touchscreens, motion sensors, switch closures, temperature probes, and computers or, yes and anything else you can think of.

Want to break the norm? So do we. We design and install 2D and 3D projection systems on spheres, in globes, edge-blended many-projector panoramas, and have created multi panel displays with as many as seven separate synchronized sources. Audio system soundscapes with 12 individual panoramic channels. Or unique imagery projected on fabrics with geometry warping. We are truly fearless when it comes to these types of opportunities. You can call us for design, design-build, or bidding on your designs.